Compelling and Rivetng

The last few weeks have been compelling and rivetng in many ways! I am of course referring to England’s exploits on the Football felld. Whatever the outcome of the World Cup, the last few weeks have shown what it can be like when lots of people get behind a common caused There’s been the thrill of actually winning a penalty shoot-out, strangers chatng excitedly on the bus about the game, gatherings in public squares and bars to watch events unfold, twiter and Facebook meltng as we all learned what #Gareth Southgate would do in unending hypothetcal situatonss the naton has truly taken him to heartd Of course, the cash tlls have been ringing as folk rush out to buy fags, buntng, replica shirts and even waistcoats (Gareth could be saving Marks & Spencer single handedly!)d Then there’s everyone singing ‘it’s coming home’ and likely to take Skinner and Baddiel back to the top of the charts 22 years afer the song was frst recorded. I remember as a boy my father would talk football all the tme but that was because he was a 1st division referee in the day. The interestng thing is, many of the people I know caught up in World Cup fever don’t usually watch football at all! (Just ask my wife Bonnie!) They’ve been caught up in the midst of it all as others talk about it with passion and real excitementd

Would the Church talk about Jesus that way?!

Can you imagine how our communites could be changed by people talking about Jesus as openly as we do about football? Sharing our joy with excitement and passion? We might not be there yet but as we unite behind the common cause of Jesus, let us be the ones inspiring those we know in the church to tell their story and share the joy that gives an eternal crown, rather than merely a trophy to be kept for just four years.

That is why I have been delivering a short course called ‘Faith Pictures’, it helps enable people to tell their story regardless of whether it’s a story that happened instantly or a story that happened over tmed The partcipants were at frst unsure but as tme went on the group came together and now are a group that have made frm friendships and are more confdent about sharing their stories about Jesus with others!

I will be delivering a second ‘Faith Pictures’ sometme in September/October and I want to invite you to take part.

Every Blessing in Jesus,

Captd Trevor Clarke - Church Army (Harleston Centre of Mission)

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