Covid 19 Response

Covid-19 Precautions

1    Masks are no longer required to enter our church buildings and we will not direct people to wear them.
2   Hand sanitiser is still be available to people as they arrive.
3    People with cold/flu type symptoms are encouraged to wear a mask in church and sanitise their hands, for the protection of others.
4    Social distancing is not required but we will be sensitive to those who may want a little more space.
5    We have returned to using the Common Cup but Communion continues to be available via intinction by the priest (dipping the wafer in the wine).

For Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals please discuss with the minister any concerns that you might have. 

The Benefice of Redenhall with Scole: 7 Church of England churches that serve Billingford, Brockdish, Harleston, Needham, Redenhall, Scole, Thorpe Abbotts, and Wortwell.



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